Gabriel Woods Border Terriers

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About Us and Contact Us

Sarah  has owned Border Terriers for approximately 15 years.  Our first Border was a 5 year old female named Shelby (CH Dragonlyn's N'Quest of Camelot).  Shelby was our beloved pet but it didn't take long to decide that if one was fun, two would be even MORE fun!  So we brought Dunston (CH Riggsrun Rampart's Red Glare) into our home.  Dunston was a show boy and he was the beginning of our interest in showing dogs. 

In 1998 Madeleine and Sarah went to the World Dog Show in Finland.  Since Sarah's family is from Finland, this was a perfect opportunity to visit family and share in the dog show fun.  At this event we met Sandy and Janet Alexander.  A few months later a visit to England and Scotland brought Tommy (Am Mex Int'l CH Glenbucket Wee Tam) and Katie (Teasel Time) into our home.  Tommy was a life-changer for us and took us to a new level in the dog show arena.   Tommy finished his American championship in a couple of weeks and in 2000 was invited to the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York at Madison Square Garden!  What an exciting time!

Caring for our Borders is shared by the entire family.  We all participate in the care, grooming, and showing of the dogs and have met some wonderful friends in the breed.  We've traveled around the North America, the UK, and Scandinavia with Border Terriers and this is the perfect breed of dog for us. 



If you are interested in talking to us about a puppy, please do the following:

I am happy to speak with you about Border Terriers in general and our dogs specifically.  All questions are welcome.

A prospective adopter questionnaire is requested from those homes that are seriously considering one of my dogs.  I am happy to email it to you.