Gabriel Woods Border Terriers

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Dogs for Placement

If you are considering becoming an owner of a Border Terrier, we recommend that you do as much research as possible to ensure that this is the correct breed for you.  Attending a show is an excellent way to meet breeders and owners as well as compare numerous breeds of dogs.  There are some excellent resources available noted on our "About Borders" page and on the "Links" page.  

As general information, these are lively and enthusiastic dogs that love to run and play.  We highly recommend that you have a fenced yard for your dog, and we are not advocates of the invisible fencing for this breed.  We only place puppies in homes with a securely fenced yard.  Please realize that these are dogs that should not be off lead when not in a fenced area.  

Because this is a relatively rare breed of dog.  It is also not unusual to wait 6 months or more to get one.  We recommend selecting a breeder that you are comfortable with and working with them on obtaining a pup. 

There are a few puppy mills that have crept into the Border Terrier world.  Please make sure that the breeder you select is a member of the Border Terrier Club of America.  Breeders belonging to our parent club have signed an ethical code of conduct and must abide by that code.  While this is not a blanket recommendation of every breeder that belongs to the BTCA, the puppy mills are not members of the parent club.

Also be sure that the breeder you work with has had health checks on their dogs.  While this is a very healthy breed, the health checks verify that there are no significant issues with the parents of your pup.

All pet quality pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract.  Show dogs will have a more detailed contract for show purposes.  All puppies are the same price since we put the same amount of effort into all of them.  More details are available by contacting us.

We occasionally have puppies or older dogs available.  If you are interested in obtaining our adoption questionnaire please contact us by email. 


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