Gabriel Woods Border Terriers

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 Fun Shots

Left:  Michelene outside looking "angelic".  Right:  Tommy surveying the situation.


Above:  Romeo is so happy those babies (his nieces and nephews) are out of his playroom and he can play with his rubber heart again!!

Above left:  Tommy waiting on Mom's side of the bed.  Above right:  Not so patiently waiting for Mom to come to bed.

 Above right:  Tommy in his lion suit on the prowl for cookies

Above:  Michelene and Junior's babies

Above:  Janine and her new Junior Earthdog title!


Above:  Gabriel Woods babies in the yard

Above:  The Amazing Levi!  Bred by Sarah and Brian Saucy, owned and loved by Martha Park


Bed Dogs...


Above:  Gabriel Woods and Standish dogs - all are related in this photo